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3-Day Beekeeping Short Course

Tuesday, October 31 – Thursday, November 2

The Wilson County Beekeepers Association (WCBA) will be offering a three-night course.  This class will take place Tuesday, October 31 through Thursday, November 2 at the Ward Ag Center (Fair Grounds) in the East/West Building. When you come through the front gate, turn left when you get to the new Expo Center and go towards the back parking lot outside the white fence.  We will be starting promptly at 6:30 pm nightly and concluding somewhere around 9:00 pm.  Tuesday and Wednesday night will be a classroom setting with valuable information and Thursday will be a hands-on program in building hive components.

Jessica Dodds

If after the first two nights you decide that beekeeping is not for you, there will be no charge.  If you decide to attend the third night (hive construction and door prizes), we will collect the registration fee…$25.00 per person or $45.00 per couple. This will cover your 2018 WCBA membership, a one-year membership in the Tennessee Beekeepers Association, and a beekeeping book.  You will also receive club information including membership book and mentor list.

As class size is limited, please be sure to get your name on the list.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Hope you can attend,

Petra Mitchell, Secretary
Wilson County Beekeepers



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Swarm Capture Contact List for Middle Tennessee

If you find a swarm of honeybees on your property and would like them removed,


honeybee_swarmInstead, call one of the experienced beekeepers in the Wilson County Beekeepers Association. The women and men listed on our Swarm Capture List cover all communities in Wilson County and most of the surrounding counties too. They will carefully capture honeybees (without killing them) and remove them from your property, often at no expense to you. They want those honeybees. Please choose a beekeeper located close to the swarm as time is of the essence. Once they swarm to a tree or fence or some other structure, they will find a permanent home within hours and move in quickly so please don’t hesitate. Click here for the list:

Swarm Capture List for Middle Tennessee



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