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If you are not a member of a local county beekeeper association …you maybe missing out on a wonderful beekeeping learning experience. I would suggest that you get on the web and find out who has an active club. There are clubs just like some beekeepers … Some provide for their membership while others share very little for membership growth. You need to find a club that makes its number one goal to expand the knowledge base of all members where mentors are assigned to all new members. A club that is directed by a experienced beekeepers who want to share their knowledge and love of beekeeping with their membership. A club that has a board of directors, monthly meetings set at the sometime each month that allows the membership ease of attending… a library for the membership to checkout books and DVDs for a month at a time, a newsletter and web-site for keeping the membership informed, monthly speakers of a national calibre that speak on seasonal topics of timely importance, a membership booklet with bylaws, membership list, monthly program listing, grant opportunities, short courses offered, training classes, picnics, parties, and advanced training courses on specialized trainings for experienced beekeepers. A club that provides bee merchandise and group orders for bees, equipment, and national publications and offers opportunities for community activities. A club that has family activities and has potluck meals at all meetings. A club that recognizes members for outstanding service. A club where the object of the organization is to educate, inform and share ideas and interests involved with the keeping bees, and upholds the state apiary laws. A club where the leadership is involved in leadership of regional, state and national meetings. Does such a club exist… You bet they do. I am a member of the Wilson County Beekeepers Association lead by the leadership of President Carey Mitchell and Secretary/Treasurer Petra Mitchell who make all of the above activities happen. Since joining this group I can’t wait to attend the next meeting and to participate in all Short courses and trainings. Being a member of such a group will make you a better beekeeper and you bees will think you.

President Carey Mitchell gives Leadership to the Wilson County Beekeepers Association ... A Learning Experience!

President Carey Mitchell gives leadership to the Wilson County Beekeepers Association … A Learning Experience!



Petra Mitchell, Secretary / Treasurer – gives organization to the Wilson County Beekeepers Association … a real key to a Successful Association.


Thanks to the Mitchells for all the time and effort they put into making sure each member of the WCBA has a real learning experience!

Herb Lester
04 July 2013


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